‘Priyanka Gandhi’s entry has energised workers in UP ahead of Lok Sabha Polls’: Salman Khurshid

Former Union Minister and Congress Stalwart Salman Khurshid said that the formal entry of Priyanka Gandhi into politics has boosted the party workers morale and energized the ‘troops’ in Uttar Pradesh ahead of Lok Sabha Polls 2019. Khurshid said time is running for Congress to stitch an alliance pact, but asserted that Party is working fairly tirelessly to conclude such talks within a specific time schedule.

Responding to the query of the Journalist about the hope of the Congress can go together with Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh for the polls, Khurshid responded that his party is proceeding on the assumption that it has to be on its own.

He added that “But I understand there is a whisper that… maybe there will be rethinking in all the parties (BSP, SP, and Congress) and there may be something possible. But frankly, I have no firm indication of any such thing. We seem to be preparing to be on our own. But our President (Rahul Gandhi) has taken a fairly soft position, saying repeatedly that we are willing to cooperate and we will cooperate and our objectives are common (to defeat the BJP). Beyond that it’s a bit difficult to say right now,” he said.

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Khurshid said the immediate impact of Priyanka’s entry into active politics is already being felt. “She has energized the troops as it were”, he said on the party’s new General Secretary in charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

“We still have an election to fight and there is a lot of hard work up ahead, and it’s almost certain that her entry at this time will have a significant impact,” Khurshid said.

“They work very well together; they have been working for some time. They have a very, very important personal bond between them. I think the timing and the decision (of her entry into politics) just as much as hers as it was Rahul Gandhi’s,” Khurshid added.

In another Big Development of Uttar Pradesh Politics, SP-BSP finalized a seat-sharing arrangement for their alliance in Uttar Pradesh for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. While Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) will fight on 38 seats, Akhilesh’s Samajwadi Party is set to contest on 37 seats in the crucial polls.



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