Radha Mohan Singh was asked to cut short his reply in Rajya Sabha

The reply should be balanced, said the Chairman of Rajya Sabha, PJ Kurien when the Agriculture Minister, Radha Mohan Singh extended his speech for more than one hour.

Radha Mohan Singh faced an awkward moment in Rajya Sabha when he was asked to cut short his reply to a debate on the agrarian crisis. The minister was giving an elaborated details of the measurements taken by the Modi government in the agricultural sector in past three years. He had already spoken for one hour when Kurien asked him to conclude his speech in few minutes. He didn’t listen to him and continued. Later another minister slammed him by saying that he should be asked that how many hours he will take. Singh’s lengthy reply was also a cause of visible exasperation among the members of the Rajya Sabha and it was reflected in a comment by Digvijay Singh of Congress, who said: “It was my fault, to seek a discussion on the issue”. Digvijay asked him to speak about what the government is going to do to end the plight of the farmers rather than speaking about the past. Digvijay Singh challenged him to deliver “a similar kind of speech at Jantar Mantar where some farmers are agitating” and see the outcome. He then led a walkout of his party members and when he returned after some time, he saw that the minister was still speaking. He told him that all the farmers were satisfied with his speech and it was his mistake to seek a discussion.