Rajanikanth comes in support of “One India, One Election”

Superstar turned politician Rajnikanth, came in support of the idea of “One India, One Election” proposal of the Central Government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suggested this scheme earlier in the year.

The actor cum politician favored the idea stating that it will save money and time for political parties. When asked about his plans for contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019, he said it is yet to be decided.

Rajanikanth’s statement works in favor of the BJP government as other major parties have expressed their discontentment regarding the proposal. The new politician though dodged from commenting on Amit Shah‘s statement of high corruption in Tamil Nadu.

He praised the education system of Tamil Nadu claiming it to be better than other states.

When asked about the controversial topic of the proposed Chennai Salem eight-lane expressway, Rajnikanth spoke in favor of the project. He said, “Projects like the 8-lane highway are necessary for development. Employment opportunities will increase. People will have losses but the right kind of compensation needs to be given so that the people are satisfied. It should be done in a way that farming lands are not affected as much as possible.”


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