Sabarimala Row: Kerala announces “Million Women’s Wall” to prevent “medieval madness”

11 Women Who Tried To Enter Sabarimala Evicted From Base Camp

As BJP rose the stake on Sabarimala issue by sending a central team to the state, the Kerala government announced a million women march on the New Year’s Day to prevent the state from “sliding back into medieval madness”.

Thomas Isaac, the finance minister of Kerala, tweeted: “Great Wall of Kerala, to prevent the state from sliding back into medieval madness, going to be raised by a million women from one end of Kerala to other on New Year Day. Come, join the Resistance. It will be very, very happy new year.”

CM Pinarayi Vijayan while announcing a 600-km long Women Wall on Saturday said, “No one can push back the progressive society of Kerala into the dark ages.”

In an attempt to garner support following the recent protests by right-wing organisations, CM Vijayan met the prominent caste-based and social organisations, including the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam and others.

After the meeting Vijayan told the reporters, “As part of the combined efforts of all these organisations which took part in the meeting, a women’s wall will be formed on January 1 from the northern district of Kasargode till Thiruvananthapuram, to show the country the secular and progressive mindset of the state.”

He also appealed the  ‘progressively-thinking” minds of the state to come out and pledge support to the cause in order to safeguard the “secular” fabric of Kerala.

A four-member BJP delegation visited  Sabarimala shrine in Kerala on Sunday to meet people and workers in order to assess the “atrocities being committed against satyagrahis”.

The team will submit its report within 15 days to the party chief.



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