Second half of Parliament’s Budget session resumes today

The second half of the budget session in parliament will begin today. The session will discuss various bills pushed by the government like the Economic Offenders bill, Triple Talaq bill and the OBC bill.

But it won’t be a smooth sailing for the centre. The opposition will be looking at crucial debates and are looking for an explanation of the PNB fraud. The Parliament has witnessed a month-long break between the two sessions. The session will also look into the grants demanded by various ministries. Various scams will undoubtedly form the arsenal of the opposition’s complaints.

The budget session is resuming immediately after the assembly elections. This will definitely influence the atmosphere of the parliament today. The parliament has already been adjourned once since the opening of the session when the TDP MPs started protesting, pushing for a ‘special category’ status for Andhra Pradesh. Following which both the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha were adjourned. Apart from the PNB fraud, another matter that dominated proceedings was the arrest of Karti Chidambaram.

The session began at 9:30 a.m. and was to carry on through the day. But the protest brought the session to a halt till 2 p.m. The session has barely touched upon the crucial issues that are yet to be discussed. With the upcoming elections in U.P., Karnataka will also create political tension during the session. Moreover, BJP’s sweeping victory over the past few days has set the undertone for the parliament session, something that won’t sit well with the opposition at all. The layman can expect the session to be the centre of all discussions for the next few days. The opposition will ask questions without waiting for answers. One can only hope that all issues are properly discussed but the way things are moving it will probably take a significant amount of time.