Sitharaman remarks Congress’ criticism on Jaitley as ‘motivated’

The Congress had recently criticised the move of Jaitley meeting Mallya before he appeared for his extradition case in the London Court. Opposing the view of Congress and their allegations against Jaitley, today, Nirmala Sitharam publicly condemned the move of Congress by calling it to be ‘motivated’ and only a way to cover up the ‘cronyism and favouritism’ of the UPA government. The defence minister exerted that the brief conversation which Mallya had with Jaitley in the Parliament is being “played up” and responses have “reinforced” that the conversation was not of any merit.

Speaking of the situation she also mentioned how Mallya had misused the power he had as a member of the parliament and that the government condemns the acts committed by him.

“How favouritism naming that one company has been made… Whose period made it sick? Whose period had favouritism and cronyism entering in to suggest to the central bank and written instructions given to banks to lend to this defaulter,” inquired Sitharam while condemning the criticism from the opposition.

“Look at the strategy with which Congress would want to deflect it. Multiple loans were given to bogus accounts which did not have creditworthiness,” she added to her argument.

The business tycoon and the owner of the Kingfisher Airlines on 12th September claimed in London to have met the finance minister before leaving for the UK. Jaitley, on the other hand, claimed that he never gave him an appointment but the businessman used his privilege as an MP to accost him in Parliament.

Immediately after Jaitley’s defence and rebuttal, Mallya appeared to tweak with the seriousness of his comments, saying it was “not fair” to create a controversy over this issue and that it was not a “formal meeting” and he only “happened to meet” the finance minister.


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