Lok Sabha Polls 2019: SP’s Candidate Tej Bahadur Yadav’s nomination for Varanasi cancelled

The Election Commission of India on Thursday rejected the nomination of Samajwadi Party candidate Tej Bahadur Yadav for Varanasi who is pitched against PM Modi for polls due on May 19. He was named by Samajwadi Party on April 29 replacing Shalini Yadav to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the national polls.

Tej Bahadur Yadav had earlier filed nomination as an Independent however at the very last moment Samajwadi Party made a crucial change.

‘My nomination has been rejected wrongly. I was asked to produce the evidence at 6.15pm yesterday, we produced the evidence, still, my nomination was rejected. We will go to the Supreme Court’, said sacked BSF Jawan.

He further added, ‘We have been told that we did not produce the evidence that was asked from us before 11 am. Whereas, we had produced the evidence’

Earlier on Tuesday, The Election Commission issued a notice to SP-BSP joint candidate for providing incomplete information in his nomination papers.

While Tej Bahadur Yadav’s Lawyer Rajesh Gupta talking to media said, ‘We had submitted the evidence that was asked from us. Still, the nomination was declared invalid. We will go to the Supreme Court.’

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Reportedly, Shalini Yadav has filed her nomination as a supplementary candidate who is now likely to be SP candidate for the mega polls for Varanasi Lok Sabha Seat.

Speaking on the development, Varanasi District Magistrate said, ‘A person who has been dismissed from service from state or central govt within last 5 yrs has to obtain a certificate from EC stating he/she hasn’t been dismissed due to disloyalty or corruption. The certificate wasn’t produced before 11 am, so, the nomination was rejected.

While Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav slammed BJP and said, ‘When they are asking for votes in the name of nationalism, they should have faced a soldier. People who dismissed him from his job because he complained about the food, how can those people be called real patriots?’

Varanasi Lok Sabha Seat will go to polls on May 19, four days before counting. The last date to file nomination for the polls due for May 19 was April 29.

Modi had on April 26 filed his nominations accompanied with galaxies of leaders from other NDA parties. He is seeking his second term from the Parliamentary Seat.



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