Sushma Swaraj to address Mahila Townhall in Ahmedabad on October 14

To take on Rahul Gandhi‘s remark of RSS being anti-women, BJP has decided to field Sushma Swaraj in Gujarat. The decision came after the conclusion of Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat visit, in which, he openly criticised the policies and initiatives of the BJP government in centre and the state.

At the Mahila Townhall, scheduled to be on 14th October, Sushma Swaraj will interact with the women from across the state and address their questions. This development of sending Sushma Swaraj to poll-bound Gujarat comes at a time when the BJP government has faced a 360* attack from the political parties. The central leadership is still giving clarification in the alleged corruption case by Amit Shah‘s son and at the same time, political parties led by Congress have open an all-round attack on the party.

Sushma Swaraj’s association with RSS has been well known and she has always been proud of the same. Her address in the state of Gujarat to consolidate the women voters could do wonders for the party, which seems to be going off-track for quite some time. There are a number of internal problems in Gujarat for the BJP, one of the includes the Patidar community. Despite a number of efforts by the party, Patidars do not seem to be convinced and there are every chance that Patidars will vote against the BJP in the assembly elections due later this year.

Recently, BJP president Amit Shah had interacted with the BJP supporters in one such town hall events. In his interaction, he had answered questions related to various issues including the outrage against Dalits in Una and ongoing Patidar issue. A number of recent incidents have made the BJP administration doubt their ground in Gujarat and has made them rethink on their strategy in the state. BJP has been struggling to get a convincing face in the state after Narendra Modi resigned from the post of CM to become the Prime Minister in 2014.

Both the parties, including Congress and BJP have been trying their best to reach out to the masses in their election campaigns. Congress has made teams of 5 women, who are being asked to reach out to every door to seek support. At the same time, BJP has been relying on a number of initiatives taken by the government, primarily in the tenure of Narendra Modi.

With all these, even Narendra Modi has visited the state a number of times in last few weeks. BJP knows that Narendra Modi is the only face which can make them victorious in the state.