Suvendu Adhikari says his resignation as MLA accepted, meets Speaker today

Kolkata: Suvendu Adhikari on Monday said that his resignation as MLA has been accepted by Speaker Biman Banerjee.

Suvendu who recently quit as Trinamool Congress (TMC) lawmaker appeared in front of the speaker today. Suvendu Adhikari, new-member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said, “Assembly speaker had called me regarding my resignation as MLA of the House. Today, I met him… I was told my resignation has been accepted,” quoted Hindustan Times as saying.

Biman Banerjee also said, “Suvendu Adhikari appeared before me today and told me that he resigned without being under anyone else’s influence. I am satisfied that his resignation is voluntary & genuine. I accept his resignation with immediate effect.”

Suvendu Adhikari quit all posts from TMC and joined BJP last week. He had presented his resignation as MLA at the Assembly secretariat on December 16. The speaker was absent in the House around then.

TMC minister Subrata Mukherjee on Sunday said that there was no compelling reason to raise a clamor over the new abandonments from the party, as “traitors and backstabbers have existed since time immemorial”.

Tending to a press meet, Mukherjee, the state panchayat minister, said his party is neither stunned nor sad, as such departures “wouldn’t have any impact” on get together surveys, liable to be held in April-May.

Union home clergyman Amit Shah, who was in Bengal on a two-day visit, said on Sunday that the Trinamool Congress’ ‘Mam, Mati aur Manush’ trademark is non-existent now and it is restricted to being a family party today.

Amit Shah said in a press conference, “Mamata Banerjee started with ‘Ma, Mati aur Manush’ slogan. But this slogan is not to be seen anywhere today because of appeasement policy and dictatorship. TMC is limited to being a family party today.”

He added, “Instead of being concerned about the 10 crore people of West Beserves Mamata Banerjee is concerned about making her nephew (Abhishek Banerjee) the chief minister of West Bengal.”