TDP continues protest against Centre in Andhra Pradesh

By Gppande (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

TDP’s protest against the BJP continues in parliament. Fighting for the development of Andhra Pradesh TDP is sticking to its guns. They have been persisting for a time-frame within which BJP would fulfil the state’s demands.

Party leader K. Yerrannidu said that the MPs of the party will stop the proceedings of the parliament over the farmers’ situation in Andhra Pradesh and the prices of crops like coconut, paddy and sugarcane. They have been fighting for the fulfilment of the promises that were made under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014. When the BJP gave a 27-page status report that discussed Central support to Andhra Pradesh, TDP dubbed it as a ‘cinema script’. TDP in response got out a 28-page counter note saying that nothing substantial was given to the state.

The TDP is not taking any chances in this battle for representation. They want Andhra Pradesh to get its due in the form of tax incentives and concessions in excise and customs duties like the other states that are enjoying these benefits.  The development that state was promised was essentially missing. The TDP believes that all Andhra Pradesh has received so far are empty promises. Haribabu though said that he was extremely concerned about the state and its development. They are basically asking for what the previous government had guaranteed. CPI leader in the state, Ramakrishna also demanded the BJP’s resignation in the state.

While Andhra Pradesh claims that the deficit to be covered by the centre was 12,500 crores worth of rupees, the centre countered saying that it’s merely 138 crores. Despite assurances from the centre that the issues are being discussed and accounted for, nothing seems to materialise. The state has been demanding special status which is not being granted to it. While the matter still remains open and hardly fixed, the tally of complaints against the centre rises. This has left Andhra Pradesh no other option but protest.