Telangana Poll survey: More than 40% wants their representative to be accessible

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According to a survey conducted by the English Newspaper The Times Of India, around 41% wants his government or their representative to be accessible to the common people. A English news daily conducted its survey in Telangana ahead of polls to know what are the people’s expectations from their elected governments.

A total of 1,246 people were asked during the survey where 10% wants leaders to for the electorate, around 27% wants to see their leaders maintain a distance from corruption, while 27% wish to seek a quick response from their elected leaders on their grievances.

Apart from this, the survey which was carried by Public Issues assessment survey for the newspapers seeks the view about the KCR Government in which only 12% termed the work as excellent, with 35% choose to have a neutral view and nearly 52% were upset with work done by the government,

On the question of How Opposition did during all these years, 16% termed opposition work as excellent while 34% and 50% have a view with neutral and poor respectively.

A member of the socialist party said that all the policies of ruling TRS Government were anti-people and the government was not accessible for the common people.

The Polls in the 119 seat state will take place on December 7, with results to be announced on December 11.


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