Telangana Polls: Amit Shah makes misleading claims against INC manifesto

BJP National President Amit Shah addressed a public meeting in Narayanpet, Telangana on Sunday in the run-up to the assembly elections 2018. The Polls in the state is due for December 7 and the counting will take place on December 11 along with other states assembly elections. BJP Chief Amit Shah made several claims vis-a-vis the Congress manifesto while addressing the rally. We tried to find out the authenticity of these claims.

Claim 1: “Free electricity to mosques and churches, not temples”

The BJP Chief said in poll-bound Telangana said while giving reference to Congress Manifesto “Friends, this Congress party says that Telangana government will pay the electricity bill of mosques and churches. We do not oppose this but why will they not pay for temples? Should electricity bills of temples be paid or not?)”In Video- {14:40-14:55}

But what actually Congress Party has said it its poll manifesto. Have a look at this Point No. 33:

Claim 2: “Separate recruitment of Urdu teachers”

 BJP Stalwart made another claim with reference to Congress Manifesto: “Friends, I want to say that they [Congress] wish to separately recruit Urdu-speaking teachers. Then where will the Telugu-speaking teachers go? What will happen to teachers who read and write in Telugu?)” In Video-{15:15-15:28}

With these statements, the BJP chief attempted to portray Congress as giving Telugu a second-rate status and putting Urdu in the pedestal. While it is true that the Congress manifesto vows to conduct a special DSC (District Selection Committee) for recruitment of Urdu teachers, the party also promises the formation of multiple other DSCs for recruiting 20,000 teachers, which presumably will include teachers who teach in Telugu. Moreover, it commits to provide funds to both Telugu and Urdu cultural academies for promotion of both languages.

See an excerpt from the party’s manifesto :

Claim 3: “Scholarships to minorities”

Another claim made by Amit Shah was – “Friends, they [Congress] will give Rs 20 lakh to minority students. I want to ask if OBCs of the backward sections of the society should be given money or not”) In Video-{15:38-15:58}

But in actual Congress has promised to provide scholarships not only to minorities but also to SC, ST and OBC students to the tune of 25 lakhs.

See excerpts from the party’s manifesto :

Claim 4: “Hospitals for minorities”

Shah made another claim “that (They [Congress] talk about building separate hospitals for minorities. I want to ask Rahul Gandhi what about the poor who do not come under Telangana minority community?),” {In Video-14:15-14:30}

But in reality, Congress manifesto promises hospitals in minority-concentrated areas and not only for minorities. Moreover, it also commits to providing healthcare for the disadvantaged sections of the society such as those working in the unorganized sectors.

See excerpts from the Congress manifesto:


As we can see BJP Chief Amit Shah has made several false and misleading vis-a-vis Congress manifesto in a run-up to the Telangana polls due for December 7.

The Counting in the state is slated for December 11 with other state assembly elections.

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(with inputs from ALT News)


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