Trampled Tejashwi Yadav offers advice to Rahul Gandhi

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Lalu’s kin Tejashwi Yadav is angry and feeling betrayed by the actions of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

After Nitish broke up with RJD and formed a new government with BJP, the political existence of RJD in Bihar is totally ruled out now. With his political career at stake, Tejashwi charged at Nitish Kumar just after the latter won the majority votes on Friday saying the if Nitish contested the elections now, he would surely loose.

Following the recent storm RJD had faced in Bihar, Tejashwi still hangs on to the single ray of hope he sees. He feels that Congress is still a major party in India and if plans strategically, has the potential to overthrow BJP. He urged Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi to get all the opposition parties united on one platform and throw BJP out of Power. He confidently boasted about Rahul saying that Rahul is an able and responsible leader and he can get the opposition together, he just needs to implement the plan of action wisely.