TRS assures smooth functioning of Lok Sabha

The TRS on 26th March said they would not disrupt the parliament so as to allow the non-confidence motions to be discussed. The party has been protesting for over a fortnight in the parliament for the centre to grant the states the power to fix reservation quotas.

TRS’ MP, B Vinod Kumar said, “We will continue our protests in the House by confining to our seats. But, we will neither troop into the well of the House nor hold placards or shout slogans. We will even take part in the debate on the no-trust motion if it is allowed by the Speaker as we want to scrutinise the implementation of provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014.

The TRS has been accused of trying to quash debates on the no-trust motion in the parliament and prevent NDA from the experience as well. Vinod Kumar denied the claims saying that the TRS has been protesting for a long time and the TDP only announced a no-confidence motion recently. He also said that despite protesting for this long the House still hasn’t held a discussion on the reservation quotas and has been repeatedly adjourned. Keshava Rao also pointed a finger at the AIADMK who have also been protesting in the House.

K Kavitha another TRS MP said that TRS supports TDP’s demand for the special category status. The TDP is not the only party which has announced the no-confidence motion, the others are CPI(M), Congress, and YSRC. This means all of four no-confidence motions are yet to be discussed in the Lok Sabha. Congress added itself to the list of names claiming that it was the duty of the party to do so as the main opposition. Congress is hoping to get support for the motion from SP, Trinamool Congress, CPI(M), RJD apart from TDP and YSRC. While TRS is protesting over the reservation quota issue, AIADMK is protesting for the Cauvery Water Management Board.