TRS not joining NDA : A P Jithender Reddy

Telangana flag

TRS’ (Telangana Rashtra Samiti) support to the BJP-led government at the Centre would continue to be an issue- based and it is neither interested to join hands with NDA nor it is interested to join the group of 16 opposition parties, led by the Congress, said the TRS floor leader in Lok Sabha, A P Jithender Reddy. He also said that whosoever do good for Telangana, TRS will support them.

Ostensibly, TRS’ aim is to, along with the BJP,  eradicate the Congress from Telangana and TRS had supported the NDA government on demonetization and GST, and also backed its presidential and vice-presidential nominees in the recent elections. However, the BJP and TRS continue to oppose each other in the state.

On BJP’s goal to win the 2019 Assembly elections, Reddy said the TRS does not see the lead party of the NDA to be a formidable opponent to the ruling outfit in Telangana. He said the chief minister is working hard for the people, as he listed the TRS government’s flagship and other welfare programmes for their benefit. According to him, no one has a chance to come to power in Telangana.

The Telangana BJP unit has spared no efforts to attack the TRS government on various issues.

TRS is an Indian regional political party based in Telangana. Founded on 27 April 2001 by K. Chandrashekar Rao, with a single point agenda of creating a separate Telangana state with Hyderabad as its capital. It has been instrumental in carrying forth a sustained agitation for the granting of statehood to Telangana.

In the 2014 Telangana Assembly Election, the party won the majority seats and formed the first Government in Telangana State. K. Chandrashekar Rao became the Chief Minister of Telangana. In the 2014 general election, there has won 11 seats making it an eighth largest party in Lok Sabha. It also won 3 seats in Rajya Sabha.