ISRO Launches PSLV-C47 carrying CARTOSAT-3 and 13 Nano-satellites

Courtesy: ISRO

PSLV-C47 carrying CARTOSAT-3 is the first launch since Chandrayaan II mission and fifth launch this year.

The CARTOSAT-3 has an overall mass of over 1,600 kilogram. It is expected to address the increased users’ demands for large-scale urban planning, rural resource, and infrastructure development and coastal land use. 13 other commercial nano-satellites from the United States are also being carried as part of the commercial arrangement with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), Department of Space.

The 13 nano-satellites include FLOCK-4P, 12 in numbers, with mission objective of earth observation, and one satellite named MESHBED, whose mission objective is a communication test-bed.

Here are some interesting facts about the mission:

#1 CARTOSAT-3 is expected to capture images with a spatial resolution of 30 cm.

#2 PSLV-C47 will place CARTOSAT-3 into a 509km polar sun-synchronous orbit and 13 US nano satellites within 27 minutes after lift off.

#3 The mission life of CARTOSAT-3 would be for five years.

#4 India is expected to cross the milestone of launching 300 foreign satellites today.

#5 PSLV-C47 is the 49th flight of PSLV and 21st flight with XL variant.


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