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‘She Is–Women in STEAM’ book is not about women empowerment but women-led empowerment

‘She Is–Women in STEAM’ book is not about women empowerment but women-led empowerment

As India marks the celebration of 75th year of Independence, the book titled: ‘She Is–Women in STEAM’ honors 75 women in STEAM celebrating gender, leadership, and sustainable development in the fields of STEAM. The book features women achievers from different walks of life: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics working across the country.

The Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, Prof. Ajay Sood, and the British High Commissioner Mr. Alex Ellis unveiled the book ‘She Is–Women in STEAM’. The book is authored by ElsaMarie D’Silva and Supreet K Singh on Wednesday September 21, 2022.

ElsaMarie D’silva and Supreet K Singh said, over years of work in the corporate and development sector we have witnessed the patriarchy displayed in the form of all-male panels on a variety of subjects, making decisions that affect women directly and indirectly, ignoring the contributions and voices of women. And whilst we work with women, men, and other genders, in creating a gender-equal world, we decided to bring forth stories of women achievers. 

“This book seeks to make women in the fields of STEAM more visible, celebrate their significant contributions, and acknowledge their journeys which are often fraught with challenges that are gendered. The contribution of women to India’s independence, and subsequent success and progress, has often been underplayed and underestimated. We wish to correct that,” said the authors.

Prof. Ajay Sood said, “The Honorable President of India, at IIT Delhi’s Diamond Jubilee celebration this year, noted that the contribution of India’s young women is going to be most critical in making India Atmanirbhar. It is on these lines that the government, through its various policies, is providing renewed impetus to the mainstreaming, and institutionalizing of equity and inclusion within the Science, Technology & Innovation ecosystem. One of these is the 5th Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy. We all need to reflect on how this policy can be adequately implemented by our institutes so that the young girls and women in science find more equitable opportunities and welcoming spaces to perform.”

“Providing opportunities for everyone, including women and young girls, makes every country stronger and wiser. That is why the British Government has supported over 300 young Indian female scientists and innovators in STEM to reach their potential. But there’s a long way to go, and I hope the examples in this book will inspire the next generation of women leaders.” Alex Ellis.

Jayanti Dalmia, President, FLO said, “Equality for women is progress for all. The ability of women to access, benefit from, develop, and influence these sectors is immense. Our collaborative endeavor has two goals, one is to celebrate and create role models and the other is to harness the potential of this sector to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth of the nation.”

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