Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

New Delhi: Facebook (FB) on Sunday evening had resorted to the FB page of ‘Kisan Ekta Morcha,’ following the backlash on other social media platforms.

Earlier on the day, FB had taken down the page saying that it is violating Facebook’s content policies.The Kisan Ekta Morcha is a page where farmers’ groups had been posting updates of their ongoing agitation against the controversial farm agri-marketing laws.

The Kisan Ekta Morcha used by activists such as Yogendra Yadav was reportedly “unpublished” on Sunday evening for violating Facebook’s content policies.

Kisan Ekta Morcha took to Twitter and wrote, “This is what they can do when people raise their voices. When they can’t beat us ideologically.”

FB spokesperson in a statement said, “We’ve restored Kisan Ekta Morcha’s Facebook page.” However, social media giant Facebook didn’t give any solid or clear explanation of why the page was unpublished earlier and restored later.

Yogendra Yadav who uses this platform also tweeted that their page was unpublished when he was doing Facebook Live from the Kisan Ekta Morcha’s page. There must be something about farmers that this govt is particularly scared of and something about this govt that Facebook is particularly scared of.”

Several social media handles also slammed Facebook for its behavior. Here are some of the tweets that slammed Facebook.

The farmer-led collective Kisan Ekta Morcha Facebook page in less time had notched up more than 1 lakh followers. The page collects and distributes information from different farmers’ unions and posts them across social media platforms so it can reach a wider audience.