Facebook Messenger introduces new ‘App Lock’ settings for better privacy controls

On Wednesday, Facebook made an announcement that now users can enable “app lock” in the settings in order to private their chats. This means even though someone is able to unlock your phone, they need password for getting access to your Messenger app.

In a statement Jay Sullivan, who is the Director of Product Management, Messenger Privacy and Safety, made a statement regarding this. He also added to it that currently the option is only  for iOS users currently. In the upcoming months, an update for Android users is going to roll out .

Sullivan stated that the app lock will help users to add an extra layer of protection in the settings of device– it can be a fingerprint lock or face authentication . The statement has very clearly clarified that Facebook would not deal with storing the touch or face IDs of  user.

In the app, users can discover new ‘Privacy’ settings section which will help offer users to get a more better experience. Besides ‘App Lock’ toggle, several other options like ‘Messaging Settings’, ‘Secret Conversations’, Blocked People’, ‘Story Audience’ and ‘Muted Stories’ will also be added for the users in this section.

Sullivan said that in order to provide users with more control on who can reach and send requests to them, the team of Facebook is working on new controls. This way based upon the priority and need one can decide “who can message or call you directly, who needs to be blocked, and who can access the request section.” This feature of Messenger will be very much similar to the message controls on Instagram, where there are separate sections for primary messages, general messages, active messages or message requests.

The team is looking forward to find ways in which message requests can be filtered. In few days, the users might be able to see blurred image in the folder of message requests.


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