Facebook rolling out Dark Mode Feature for all desktop users

Dark mode has become most popular nowadays and everyone wishes to use the things in that mode. Also, many software and apps are providing dark mode features to their users. Now, Facebook has rolled out a dark mode feature for its website across the world. This feature was first announced in the F8 conference this year.

Facebook had gone through a lot of trial sessions before releasing dark mode feature. It had tested the new feature in October last year. This year in March it had selected some users to use this new feature. After debugging the problems and solving them, now it has released new features worldwide. To activate the dark mode user has to go to settings and select Activate Dark Mode from the drop-down options.

Facebook’s blog post says” Facebook has now launched its new redesign for all users. This week we introduced the new Facebook.com. It’s faster, easier to use, and gives your eyes a break with Dark Mode”.

Dark mode has become the most prominent feature of this redesign. Dark mode helps users to reduce glare. This feature will be easier on the eyes with contrast and vibrancy. It is more helpful for users to use Facebook in low lightning conditions. Also, Facebook’s layout has been changed for a better watching experience. The new design will help users to find people, games, or pages easily. The pages will also load faster than before. Facebook has also added a Preview option wherein users can see what a group or a page would look like before actually creating it.


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