How to grow 1000 followers on Instagram

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Instagram likes are what all new users want to see on their posts. A “like” is an indication that people enjoyed the content that was posted. If your posts can accumulate a massive number of likes, then it means you have a steady stream of followers who enjoy the type of content you produce regularly.

Unless you purchase your likes, you won’t receive too many likes on your posts unless you have a lot of followers first. Instagram followers are the people who subscribe to your channel and receive notifications in their feeds whenever you post up new content. It allows your loyal fans and admirers to keep coming back to your channel and check out your new content.

You need at least 1,000 followers before you can officially call yourself an Instagram influencer. Actually, you would only be considered a micro-influencer because standard influencers have over 50,000 followers. But the first 1,000 followers will take you from being a complete nobody to gaining reputable status on Instagram.

Don’t forget that the majority of Instagram users don’t even have 1,000 followers. People might occasionally post up a few photographs, but they don’t take it seriously. However, you must take it seriously if you want to grow your Instagram account to 1,000 followers and beyond. You’ll need to create a plan and never back down from that plan until you’ve reached your goal. 

Let’s examine the top seven ways to gain 1,000 followers to your Instagram account.

1) Buy Instagram Followers

Would you like to skip all the promotional strategies and social media posts in the beginning? If so, then you can gain your first 1,000 Instagram followers by simply purchasing them. Yes, some vendors actually sell Instagram followers to other users who need them. These are real followers who will visit your Instagram channel and click the follow button, so it is totally legitimate.

Once you have your first 1,000 followers, it will be much easier for you to promote your channel and receive additional followers. Viewers like to see a channel that already has at least 1,000 followers because it makes them feel like you’re a real authority in your niche. Buying these followers is a faster and easier way to get your channel on the right track.

2) Brand Consistency

Your Instagram channel should not be a personal channel. It needs to be a branded channel that showcases your business, organization or cause. Your brand name could be your own name, but it is better to choose a more creative and original name for your brand. Make this your company name or something catchy that relates to your niche.

Most importantly, you need to use your brand name consistently in all areas of your Instagram channel, starting with your name and username. Then add hashtags in your posts which include your brand name in some kind of creative way. If people start using those hashtags in their posts, then it will be an easy way to accumulate more followers.

3) Share Your Instagram Posts

Do you already have connections on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media websites? If so, then don’t let them go to waste. Share your Instagram posts on these platforms whenever you publish a new one. That way, your connections on these other social media websites can see your posts and find your Instagram channel.

You’ll get to 1,000 followers before you know it. If you already have over 1,000 friends or connections on these other platforms, then you might even reach 500 or more followers just from sharing your first few Instagram posts. The best part is that it’s free to share your posts, so why not keep doing it?

4) Post Interesting Content

Do not just post content for the sake of posting content. You need to post content that actually interests your target audience and captures their attention. Aside from the content being relevant to your niche, it must also give value to your audience and provide information that they didn’t know about before.

You could make educational posts, Q&A posts, testimonial posts, customer review posts, or even funny posts. Give people a reason to want to look at your posts. Avoid generic content that is plain and uninteresting. If you can follow this formula, then your first 1,000 followers will be a breeze to get.

5) Post Videos

High resolution still photographs make for great content, but they don’t compare to video clips. Followers have higher standards nowadays, so they wish to see videos on the Instagram channels in which they follow. These could be videos where you provide an update about your business or news related to your niche.

Depending on your niche, you can find lots of ways to create video recordings and content. The more videos you post up, the more you will increase user engagement with your channel.

6) Analyze the Statistics of your Posts

Instagram gives you access to excellent analytical tools that let you study when your posts are engaged the most. Once you discover the timeframe in which engagement is high, you can start making your posts during this time each day. Then you will receive more engagement to every post that you publish.

You should also pay attention to which posts have received the most likes and impressions. This should indicate which type of content your followers enjoy the most. After you find this out, you can proceed by posting similar content in the future. Your number of follows should multiply fast if you do this.

7) Befriend an Influencer

There are several good influencers in every niche. Some of them are even willing to help out other Instagram users who are still new or struggling to gain their first 1,000 followers. If you can befriend one of these influencers in your niche and request their help in promoting your channel, then you could see 1,000 followers faster than you might think.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect superstars with one million followers to endorse you. But if you can seek out micro-influencers who have 1,000 to 20,000 followers of their own, they are more likely going to help you out.  Just be ready to pay a small fee for their services, but that’s okay. It is a good investment.


When you start with zero followers on Instagram, it might seem like an impossible feat to get to 1,000 followers. But you will get there if you execute the strategies that have just been discussed. It shouldn’t even take you more than a few months too. If you don’t give up, then you will persevere.


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