Instagram direct messages now available for desktop users

Instagram assigns a standard in the world of Social Media. All these years Instagram direct messages confined to phones but now Instagram DMs are finally ready to hit the desktops. New traditions changed the limits of DM’s.

Desktop or laptop users can now access their Instagram text from there screens. New traditions delight users. This new Instagram application recast makes users accessible in chatting from there desktop screen just by internet browsing. The Twitter broadcast, Announcement on Friday .”Now you can get and send Instagram direct messages on the desktop, no matter where you are in the world.”


THE VERGE stated the information on the working of this new Instagram DM function had been initialized since January and finally Instagram decided to release this feature all over the globe, including Indonesia users.

Web DMs are perfect happiness and great joy for popular users with monitors and also for the people who need to keep a regular checking on their Instagram messages. It also made the user comfortable by chatting away in there Laptop keyboard instead of their congested phone screen.


One of the world’s young entrepreneurs and formal CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Who owns Instagram has mentioned his vision to make the users of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram as a capable person to send their messages to each other and receive messages all over the globe regardless their platform.


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