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Instagram’s paid feature might allow users to add links in post captions

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Instagram is trying to squeeze in some extra money by asking users to pay to include a link in post captions.

A patent filing has been discovered which shows that Instagram will ask users to pay $2 to make the link in your caption live. The patent application shows a pop-up appearing when the user adds a URL to a caption.

Instagram won’t add this feature straight away, they are planning to ask if they should implement something like this or not. If you use Instagram and post daily, you may know that adding links is not possible on the posts. It won’t direct you to the site you want people to go to. It acts just like a plain text.

Alongside this, Instagram is also looking at ways to improve the verification process on Instagram.

He said “While follower count was never a requirement to get verified through the in-app form (which anyone can apply for), we did have certain systems in place that prioritized accounts with high followings to help get through the tens of thousands of requests received every day. We’ve since removed this from the automated part of the process,”

Well, I am not in the favour of adding the $2 feature. If you have a business account, it is an essential feature to have. It helps in diverging your social media traffic to your blog site or anything. Even while posting stories, you cannot add the swipe up to visit site feature till you have reached 10k followers.

If converted to INR, it will cost you Rs 150. Rs 150 just to add a link to a single post. For the newly made accounts, it won’t be a good idea. And for the older more established accounts, they already get traffic without adding links as they can do it through their stories. So I can’t understand who this feature is for. For the users or just to squeeze in some extra dollars.

Let’s see what happens ahead.

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