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Jumbo, a privacy assistant promises to clean your social life in seconds

A new privacy assistant smartphone app called Jumbo is promising to help users easily lock down their online accounts by automatically adjusting their privacy settings.

Everyone probably has written something on Twitter or Facebook that they would never dream of posting now. Some people might want to just clean up their social media in general. Others might desire to prevent bad things from showing up when they Google their name for personal or professional reasons. Well, now, we have an app for that too.

Jumbo will now make it easier for internet-users to manage what data is stored about them online. It currently is only available on iOS for Twitter, Facebook, Google search and Amazon’s Alexa. It will eventually move to Instagram and Tinder as well.

The privacy assistant allows Twitter users to delete their old tweets and save them on their iPhones. Jumbo will allow you to select a time frame to delete tweets from before then. They won’t be gone forever — they are stored inside Jumbo’s archive that the user can export to a desktop file.

“The Twitter Cleaner on Jumbo deletes old tweets from Twitter, then privately backs them up in a beautiful user-interface, accessible only by you, on your Jumbo app,” the company states. “It’s like a Twitter vault, and only you have the key.”

Users can choose to delete as many as 3,200 tweets instantly or choose to remove all content older than one day, one week, one month, or three months.

As for Facebook, Facebook constantly changing how it handles user data, Jumbo can alter as many as 30 different privacy settings with just the click of a button. By choosing a strong, medium, or weak privacy level, users can opt out of everything from Facebook’s facial recognition to certain ad targeting practices.

For the Google and Amazon features, Jumbo can delete voice recordings and search results after a certain period of time to help keep your information more private.

The future for Instagram and Tinder will be pretty similar — it will allow you to delete posts or Tinder conversations after a certain amount of time.

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