LinkedIn adds disappearing “stories” feature for all users

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LinkedIn has introduced some new features on 24th September as it is trying to distinguish itself from other new startups in space. The “stories” feature has been added which is popular with those who use Instagram and Snapchat.

According to the Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn is experimenting on the “stories” feature since February and it was tested at Brazil in the month of April.

Platforms like Upstream and Clubhouse that provide an alternative experience to LinkedIn have challenged the dominance of Microsoft social network in summer.

The “stories” feature of LinkedIn allows users to post images, texts or videos in their profile and that disappear after 24 hours. According to a report, the Vice President of product at LinkedIn, Kiran Prasad said that users like to share work moments like the work-from-home desk setup and show how they work and publicize product launches.

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Other major updates include using a broad range of illustrations in the site and adding animation to icons. The feature might not help the younger generation who embrace LinkedIn and might feel like a distraction.

Jack Appleby, who is a social media strategist said that LinkedIn would never have a social network feel as it is mainly focused on career. People usually think its unsafe to be candid on LinkedIn and it might prove to be true if someone posts a story on LinkedIn.


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