Popular Facebook game FarmVille to shut down on 31st December, 2020

Image Source : Yu-kai Chou

Early users of Facebook have surely played the game FarmVille on the platform. After a successful run of 11 years, Zynga has now announced that FarmVille would shut down on 31st December this year.

The news came as a result of Adobe’s decision to stop distribution and update of Flash Player for all web browsers. FarmVille needs Flash Player plugin and so it won’t be playable after 31st December.

Zynga said that many people have played the game since the beginning and it helped them to build a global community of players over the last few years who enjoyed the game as much as they did. The company thanked the players for their continuous support.

FarmVille was launched in the year 2009, a few years after Facebook made its debut. FarmVille and other games like CityVille provided a different gaming experience which also boosted social networking.

People got addicted to it but they didn’t sit for long hours as tasks took hours to complete. More friends meant level up in the game. It was the perfect idea to combine gaming and social networking.

Image Source : NoypiGeeks

Zynga while announcing about the shutdown also said that in-app purchases will be available till 17th November after which the payment system of the game will be turned off. To make sure that the players get the best in these remaining few days, Zynga announced that they would roll out some fun in-game activities soon. Existing players can continue to play FarmVille till 31st December, 2020.

Those who still wish to play FarmVille can download and install FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape which is available on Android and iOS. Zynga is also planning to launch FarmVille 3 soon.


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