Telegram X brings notifications 2.0, Polls & Much More in latest update

Telegram X is an official Telegram app which is actually the advanced version of the regular Telegram App with a couple of experimental features. Telegram X is an alternative Telegram client based on TDLib. The latest update to the app now brings in a brand new Notifications 2.0 system, an account manager, deleting messages from the recipient’s device in private chat, improved 2FA (two-factor authentication) and more.

Some of the major updates are:

  • New notifications system: The major change that comes with the April update is the Notifications 2.0. The new notification now brings in improved behavior and reliability. They have also introduced some new features and extra customization options. Also, the app now sucks less background battery usage. One of the major changes here is that the app will now not bring back dismissed notifications again and again. The notifications of Telegram X now work seamlessly with Edge panels on Samsung devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 9 and S10. Samsung users can head over to Settings > Display > Edge Screen > Edge lighting > Manage notifications and turn the toggle on for Telegram X.
  • New account manager: Telegram also announced that the April Update includes Multi-account 2.0 that helps in eliminating the needs of cloning apps or third-party alternatives. If too many accounts were used, this feature did put a strain on a user’s phone. The latest update addresses this performance issue and Telegram X should now perform just as well with three accounts as with 3,000, claims the developer.
  • More: The update also introduces polls, general performance optimizations and better control over your data. You can now erase all Telegram X-related data on one of your devices remotely in case it gets stolen.

The April Update is only available for 50% of users now, so you may not have received it yet.


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