Twitter now allowing iPhone’s Live Photos in form of GIFs


Apple launched Live Photos feature in iPhone 6s. It is the most popular camera feature of the iPhone. It lets people record a 3-second long moving image. It is a unique feature the Live Photos could not be uploaded on Twiter. Twitter does not support live photos, it uploads them as a still image. But this is about to change as Twitter announced that Live Photos can be uploaded from now. Users can now convert the Live Photos into GIFs to upload them.

Twitter says “Give the gift of GIFs. You can now upload your iOS Live Photos as GIFs anywhere you upload photos on Twitter.

The feature is available on the Twitter iOS app. Converting an image is easy, you just have to bring the Live Photo in the drafts, there will be an option “GIF” on the left corner of the image. Tapping the option will convert the image into GIF. iPhone users on twitter have started sharing their Live Photo as well:


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