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Twitter vs Instagram: Which Is Best For Business In 2020?

So here we are discussing about one of the biggest debates – Instagram vs Twitter! Thus has been a common question asked by various people worldwide and these people mostly include the businessmen and entrepreneurs.

While both of these websites have their own special features, the question always pops up that which is better for marketing and advertising stuffs? While Twitter was once the biggest digital media app, the numbers it boasted of were brought down when Instagram came into the market. So now let’s go back to the topic – which one’s best?

Let’s look at a few points before deciding who wins –



It is very clear that Instagram is a winner when we come to numbers. It has over a billions of users and because of it being a part of Facebook, the number increases even more. And then comes the number of monthly users. According to Instagram.com, it has about 400 million monthly users and almost 80% of them are mobile users.

And Instagram uses pay-per-click ad revenue system where you are paid when one customer engages with your ads. And it generates almost $2 billion through the ad revenue which is a very big number! But coming to popularity, Instagram can’t show you the presence of big and influential people. The best thing is that you can increase these numbers just by buying Instagram followers from the top sites listed at theverifiedlist.com.


Twitter, on the basis of numbers, is somewhat behind Instagram. It currently has about 700 million users worldwide. This number has decreased with the evolve of Insta. Coming to monthly users, it has about 316 million monthly users which is not a bad figure as compared to Insta. And almost 500 million tweets are sent everyday!

And Twitter also uses pay-per-click ad revenue system just like Insta and Facebook. And it generates almost $900 million through ad revenue and that is more than an impressive figure. And Twitter can very well boast of the presence of big and popular celebs!



Instagram is a clear winner if we consider the engagement factor. It is obvious from the fact that it has the highest number of active monthly users as compared to any other social media websites. It is a platform for sharing images and videos etc. and since the human brain is more responsive to visuals, it keeps its users scrolling down and never getting bored.

Another fact is that Instagram rarely shares any link that takes its users to any second interface. Thus if one enters Instagram once, he will keep scrolling down and down and down!


This is where Twitter lags a bit as compared to Instagram. Though one can retweet, reply or quote anyone, Twitter does not see much engagement. And Twitter is more famous for sharing direct website links so it becomes a spot for interaction of the marketers with the customers. But even then it has low engagement records.

But Twitter has one advantage. Where Instagram does not provide any feature for reposting any content, one can easily retweet anything on Twitter and make that thing viral!



Instagram has an awesome feature of offering live sessions. When your are a marketer, it is a mandatory task for you to interact with the customers and share your thoughts with them. And Instagram has enough features to help you. You can easily connect with your customers via stories, Instagram Live and Instagram Television or IGTV. This is a big feature especially for the marketers, entrepreneurs and influencers. You can also schedule your Instagram posts beforehand to have some rich content to offer to your followers.

Thus Instagram becomes a more preferred choice when one wants to interact with the customers or followers.


Twitter also provides the feature of live content sharing but you can’t directly interact with other users. Twitter too has content scheduling feature but the constant update system will just lead to your tweet too get lost on the vast platform if you do not have enough things to share. But Twitter somewhat comes closer to Instagram when it comes to live news sharing, but that is not enough.



This platform is more reliable when you are an advertiser promoting your brand. Instagram will let you monetize your posts, stories and IGTV videos and can earn money. It is done with the help of the Facebook Insights. And Instagram has the feature where a seller can directly link his website or online store to his posts so that the buyers can directly go to the store by just clicking on the link.


Twitter also provides ads and sponsored posts but these are not as effective as those of Instagram. The primary reason is that you can’t monetize your tweets. You can use Twitter only to promote your brand and product. And the other setback is that Twitter does not have any feature where users can directly shop the products or the buyers can link their online stores. And this is probably a major setback! Moreover you need a great following on your Twitter handle as more engagement means more sales. Some of the influencers and businesses opt to buy twitter followers for more engagement. There are many sites which are selling twitter followers at very attractive prices. Just choose the one which best suits you.


So who do you think stands out as the best platform for business? But honestly when you are focusing on your business, you should find ways to use both of these platforms to their best. In this way you will get better results. Adios!