WhatsApp to bring new features like Self-destructing messages, Boomerang tool, Hide muted status updates

WhatsApp is back with some new features for Android and iOS apps users. WhatsApp tests feature in alpha and beta stages. It also tests many features in the back-end before rolling it out in the stable version.

Some of the features are available to users through public beta on Android and iOS. Let’s have a look on the recently added features via WhatsApp.

Self-destructing messages: The newly added feature via WhatsApp will give users acces to avoid over spamming as they can set the timer of either 5 seconds or 1 hour and the message will disappear after the provided intervals. This feature is currently available in group chats only.

Boomerang: WhatsApp could be adding boomerang functionality on its messaging app. Similar to Instagram’s Boomerang, this feature will let users make boomerangs within WhatsApp itself. Similar to how WhatsApp users can make GIFs on the app, now users will able to create boomerangs too.

Hide muted status: WhatsApp is working on a feature to completely hide status updates you don’t want to see. Right now WhatsApp lets users mute status updates that move to the bottom of the list. This new feature will let you hide muted status updates on WhatsApp.

Fingerprint unlock: Fingerprint unlock is one feature available to users through WhatsApp beta. As the name suggests, WhatsApp users can now unlock the app with their phone’s fingerprint. iPhone users can already unlock WhatsApp through Face ID and Touch ID. WhatsApp also lets users hide message content from notifications.

Dark mode: The Dark mode is a trending feature as it’s gaining huge popularity among all the Apps and all the major Apps like Instagram are working on it and now finally WhatsApp has added this feature. There were some sightings of a dark mode on WhatsApp but there isn’t any confirmation as yet. Dark mode would an interesting addition to WhatsApp especially since the app doesn’t offer any UI customization.


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