WhatsApp to introduce two new features to ‘forwarded’ messages


Recently it was reported that WhatsApp was testing new features in the form of in-app browser and reverse image search in order to keep fake news at bay. Now, the Facebook-owned messaging service is planning to improve the “forwarded” message feature to fight fake news. WhatsApp is adding two new features to it, dubbed as “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded”.

The names themselves are a clear hint at what these new features will do to help combat fake news. The “Forwarding Feature” will let users know the number of times a message has been forwarded. One can check this information in the Message Info section. To access this section, one just needs to long press on the sent message and then select the info (i) icon on top of the WhatsApp chat window.

The cited source suggest that users will only be able to see how many times a message has been forwarded if they have sent it to others themselves. Furthermore, if users want to find out about the number of times a message that they received has been forwarded, then they will have to forward the same to their contacts and then head to Message Info.

The “Forwarded Frequently” feature, on the other hand, will show up as a label above the message that has been forwarded by a person more than four times. The cited source mentioned that “the Forwarding Info feature does not seem available when a message is set as frequently forwarded, so when it has been forwarded 5 times or more.”

According to WABetainfo, both the WhatsApp features are under developments currently and will be rolled out in the next beta update. Furthermore, both the “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded” features were spotted on WhatsApp’s beta app for 2.19.80 Android version. It is unclear as of now if these features will make their way to WhatsApp for iOS.




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