Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

YouTube has started to work on a new feature which will improvise the offline viewing experience. Noticed by Android Police, YouTube may soon allow people to download videos on more than one devices. Also, if user downloads a video in his or her phone, it might also appear on other devices which has his or her YouTube app.

Right now, the feature is not live, but the option shortly appeared under the Background and download settings for a few YouTube Premium users, as stated by the report. The option was available for stable as well as beta version for selected number of users.

YouTube briefly tested cross-device downloads
Image Source : Android Police

The report stated that when users tapped on the option, a pop-up appeared asking which device they want the app to be synced. The pop-up also included a toggle which said, “Allow downloading to this device”. As mentioned earlier, the feature has not gone live till now and it sis not work during its initial appearance. Right now, it is not clear when the feature will actually get released. But, it will be useful for users who frequently switch devices or use more than one device together.

YouTube is at present working on different features for its users. Most recently, it added support for 8K videos on YouTube TV. It is also testing a functionality which makes it easy for adding a timestamp in the comments section.

Another feature is in the works which is the ability for adding automatic video chapters. the feature allows creators to set up different chapters with the caption. It is claimed that it helps viewers to quickly skip to the part they want to watch. The upcoming feature of YouTube is likely to be useful for long-format videos. These upcoming features are being tested on a small group of users.