YouTube takes down videos Showing Wing Commander Abhinandan Captured by Pakistan


India has asked Google‘s video streaming service YouTube to take down some videos showing an Indian pilot captured by Pakistan after an air-strick conducted by India in the neighboring territory this week, according to a source directly related to the matter.

Youtube has already agreed to comply with the Indian government’s order, said the source, who asked not to be named as the request was not public.

“We comply with valid legal requests from authorities wherever possible, consistent with our longstanding policy and act quickly to remove such material,” said a spokesman for the company. Nevertheless, the exact nature of the video YouTube took down was not mentioned.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that the Indian pilot is being released on Friday, as a gesture of peace between the two countries.

Minister of Law and Justice of India, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said on Thursday that the humiliating videos of the Wing Commander Abhinandan had been uploaded from Pakistan-side for which Indian government sent a notice to YouTube in order for the videos to be taken down. He also said that social media sites should take responsibility for the content shared on their platforms and not let its platform abused by content which is designed to aim at weakening the country’s morale.

“In the light of the situation prevailing in the country today, we expect the social media platforms to ensure that they should not allow their platform to be abused by content which is designed to weaken the morale of the country.”

“We had received complaints…y’day an unfortunate instance had come up where humiliating videos of the Wing Commander (Abhinandan) had been uploaded on YouTube from Pakistan side. We had sent a notice to YouTube & complying with the same they took down 11 such videos.”



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