Adobe showcased upcoming features in Max conference

...Tuesday, Nov.5, 2019, in Los Angeles. Jordan Strauss/AP Images for Adobe)

Adobe held its annual Max Creativity Conference yesterday, where they showcased some future projects in the Sneak Event. These projects are based on Adobe’s Sensei AI platform. It was the last year’s Sneak Event, where Adobe showcased Adobe Fresco and Content-aware fill in Photoshop, so there is a big possibility that these features may soon get a place in the Creative cloud.

Adobe’s researchers demonstrated projects like About face, All In, Sweet talk and many more.

Project Fantastic Fonts: Fantastic Fonts tool is made for designers. This tool will let you change the properties of a font. Normally, there are only two options available: Bold and Italic, But with fantastic fonts, you can make custom changes in a font.

Project Go Figure: Go Figure is a special feature for After Effects. This feature lets you track a person’s movement (even without any sensors) and then link it to an image to make an animation. This feature can help the editors in tracking a person’s movement in long videos.

Project Sweet Talk: Project sweet talk is a feature for animators. With sweet talk, you can merge audio in a photo to make a dynamic animation video.

Project About Face: One of the most important features of Adobe from the event. This tool can analyze an image to tell if it is manipulated or not. This feature uses Adobe Sensei AI.

Project All In: Project All In feature is for Photoshop users. This feature can crop a person from one image and paste it in another image without any efforts.

There are some more features that Adobe demonstrated in the event. You can have a sneak of all the feature at Adobe’s official blog.



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