Adobe to soon launch AI based camera

Image Source: Google

There are so many softwares in the market that promise the best camera experience to the user. These softwares come with smart face detection and some cool filters so that you look the best in social media, but when it comes to photography there are not many apps that provide the best experience. To give mobile photographers the best camera experience, Adobe has come up with a great app: Photoshop Camera.

Photoshop Camera is an AI-based camera app. The camera will use Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform, Sensei, to recognize the subject in photos. The app will automatically suggest image filters so that the photographer can shoot the best image, be it landscape, selfie or even food. Adobe wrote in their blog that they are collaborating with artists such as Billie Eilish to create camera lenses. These camera lenses are the specialty of the app. The lenses will offer various modes and filters to the users.

Photoshop Camera will be linked to Adobe’s creative cloud, just like any other software of Adobe. Photoshop Camera is based on Adobe Sensei, which means it will shoot, edit and share photos in real-time. The Artificial Intelligence of the camera will have a viewfinder tool that will suggest the best angle to capture an image. According to Adobe, Photoshop Camera understands the technical aspects of photography such as dynamic range, tonality, scene-type, face regions, so it will automatically apply the complex filters. Even after applying all the filters, you can save the original image in your gallery.

It is available as a preview for Android and IOS devices but Adobe is aiming to launch Photoshop Camera next year for everyone. It will be available on Android and IOS.


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