Android users face interrupted Google Drive Back up

Creating a back up of data s really important. It is really helpful in case of data loss. Google drive from Google lets you create a back up on the cloud. But for a long time now, users are facing difficulties in creating a backup.

Users have reported this issue on various forums, including Google support. The issue was first posted by Cath Lamb on Google Pixel’s community help page. Highlighting the bug, Lamb wrote, ” My phone won’t back up to Google drive. The back up now button is greyed out.”

Most of the users who have reported this issue have Android 9 or Android 10 on their devices. The devices that are affected by this bug are the Pixel range, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, and Huawei devices.

You can check if you are affected by this bug on your device. Go to the Settings

> System

>Back Up

The feature should be enabled, but some users may see the Backup Now button greyed out. If this button is inaccessible, and all the data categories show the ‘Waiting to backup’ sign, then you are one of the affected users and probably weren’t even aware of it. If the Backup Now button is accessible, then you should not be worried.


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