Apple rolls out iOS 12.1.3 update, comes with bug fixes

iOS 12
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Apple is rolling out iOS 12.1.3 update to all iPhones and iPads. The new update comes with a few bug fixes that solve the issues the users were facing with Messages, photos, CarPlay and the issue of audio distortion on the new iPad Pro(2018).

The iOS 12.1.3 update is 334mb in volume, though if a user has not installed the latest version of iOS, the file might be bigger in size. Additionally, Apple has also rolled out updates for watchOS, macOS, and tvOS.

In order to download the update, users can go to the phone’s general settings and tap on the software update option on the list. The iOS 12.1.3 should be visible on the device. Another way to install the update is to connect your iPhone or iPad into a Mam or PC and install the updates via iTunes.

The phones must be connected with a WiFi source for the update to be downloaded. There is also an option to turn on automatic updates, which downloads the recent updates overnight on the device when the iPhone or iPad is connected to the WiFi.

As the details entail, the new 12.1.3 update will fix an issue with the Messages which was affecting scrolling through the photos in Details view. The update will also address an issue that caused photos to strip of artifacts after being sent from Share Sheet.

Apple is also redeeming the issue with the iPad Pro(2018) where the device would output distorted audio which would take place when using an external audio input device.

Lastly, this update is said to solve the problem of iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max disconnecting from CarPlay system unexpectedly.

Apple is also introducing stability for the HomePod speaker with bug fixes. This will solve a problem where the HomePod would start on its own and a problem with Siri where the assistant would stop listening to the user on the device.

The rollout also comes with an update for enterprise content, which says that “when making a file-sharing connection that uses a valid Kerberos TGT to authenticate, users are no longer prompted to enter credentials.”

Apple has also rolled out a 5.1.3 update for watchOS which is 76.1mb in size and a 12.1.2 update for tvOS.

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