Chrome now syncs saved payment options across all devices even without syncing browsers

Google in a blog post today, announced that it’ll be allowing signed-in Chrome users to fill in checkout forms with payment methods previously saved to their Google Account with its new feature.

Chrome Sync on the mobile, desktop, and Chrome OS browser offers features like;

  • seeing tabs open on other devices,
  • automatic sign-in for Google services, and personalization.

Google now lets Chrome pull credit/debit card numbers and other related payment details directly from your Google Account when shopping or making other transactions.

If you use Google Pay, that information is already stored in your Account. This is ideal for those who don’t want Chrome Sync enabled but would like some cross-device sync capabilities.

That’s why today we are making payments in Chrome more convenient: When you’re signed into Chrome on your laptop, you’ll be able to use payment methods previously saved to your Google Account to fill in checkout

When you’re given the option to use your credit card saved to your Google account, it will only ask for your card’s CVC to confirm. It will only work if you also sign in to your account on the other device you’re using. You can also delete the cards under Payments & Subscriptions in your Google Account page if you’d rather not risk your CC details.With this feature you can add credit cards to Chrome locally instead of by heading to Chrome Settings > Payment methods > Add.

“Every time you open your browser, you have a task in mind to accomplish. We’ve built Chrome to help you do that as quickly and safely as possible, whether you are completing a search, viewing a website, or making a purchase,” wrote Chrome product manager Sabine Borsay. “This feature is just one more way we are improving this experience for everyone.”


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