Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Have you ever noticed the “will you allow this website to send you notifications?” pop up while you browse through a website each time? Do they irritate you? if your answer is yes then firefox has got some great news for you. Next year, Firefox 72 will come with a feature that will block the pop-up notification for sending notifications.

This April, Mozilla announced that they will run an experiment to see how people react on a pop-up notification. Mozilla randomly chose the participants for the experiment. Only 0.1% of Firefox users were the participants. The result was shocking for Mozilla. According to the report, Not even 1% of the firefox users allowed the notification, users either dismissed the notification or blocked the notification for the future.

These pop-up notifications are an ideal way for the scammers to send unwanted links as well as viruses. Scammers send these pop-ups on the website and if the users click on the wrong button, they start receiving the notifications. To stop this, Mozilla has come up with some solutions. These solutions will be available on the next Firefox update aka Firefox 72.

The Firefox 72 will block the pop-up for a notification when you enter the website. When the website will send a notification, a permission box will appear on the URL bar of the browser. The pop-up will not appear until the user clicks on the permission bar. Apart from this change, the Not Now option will be replaced by Never. So from now on, users will be able to block the notification permanently. This option will be available for the users of Firefox 70 as well. The option Never, to block the notification, is already available for the users of Firefox Nightly.

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