Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
Google Lens

Google Lens is a pretty clever service from Google that offers information about a wide variety of things, although it is quite limited in its approach and it is only a while before it points you to another app. However, users might not have to rely on those other apps quite so often in the near future. In the wake of initial discovery in April, 9to5Google team has spotted evidence that Google might be introducing a host of “filters” which will be aimed at fulfilling specific augmented reality tasks.

For instance, a “translate” feature might detect one language and offer to translate into another language right away, instead of making users have to go through copying text and asking to launch Google Translate. There are also references to a “dining” filter that would help users search nearby restaurants and diners with popular dishes. A “shopping” filter appears to focus on more generic goods.

It seems Google is looking forward to offering a range of specialized searches instead of a one-size-fits-all function.

It is not certain as of now as to when the new filters might arrive to the Google Lens, assuming it does at all. With I/O starting on May 7th, however, it won’t be a surprise if Google launched the feature at its developer conference.

Expectedly, Google will be kicking off its I/O event with the main Google keynote at 10 AM PDT, which will likely be hosted by key Google executives, including Sundar Pichai. As it goes every year, Google will be listing the changes that have been or are expected to be introduced to its services and products, including Android and its upcoming variant, Android Q. The event will be live streamed for enthusiasts who are interested in the conference but have not been able to score a ticket.


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