Google Photos to get manual face tags, timestamp edits on Android, and other features soon

Yesterday, Google Photos product lead, David Lieb took to Twitter to answer questions and reveal upcoming features. The conversation lasted for many hours, during which David replied to many users and confirmed a few features that are coming, and also heard to queries everyone had.

First up is a feature for pet owners. Currently you can only share photos of specific people with a partner automatically , but pets are not an option however, it is possible in live albums. And with this new feature, you will soon be able to have photos of your pets automatically shared with other people as well.

“You’ll soon be able to search for recently uploaded photos on mobile, and you’ll even be able to edit timestamps on Android”, reports Android Police, users can already do that on the web and iOS. Lieb also revealed that “the team” is working on allowing Android users to delete photos while in an album. Again, this feature is available for web and iOS users. You’ll also be able to favorite an item in a shared album (in addition to liking it). These two are needed for feature parity, as the options you get now when you open a photo are different depending on whether you accessed it directly from your library or from an album or from a shared album. It shouldn’t be like this, and the interface should be the same regardless.

Currently, you can remove incorrect tags, but you can’t add your own. Soon, you’ll be allowed to manually tag faces in photos.

For Samsung phone users, the team is aware of the issue with screenshots being backed up to Photos (because Samsung saves them in the DCIM folder and not the Pictures folder). There’s no word that they’re working on providing the option to exclude that folder, but it seems that it is being discussed.

Several other important features were mentioned enough number of times which hopefully David and the Photos team took notes of:


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