Google plans to bring Incognito feature to its Maps and search apps

Google is planning to add an Incognito mode to Google Maps, company CEO Sundar Pichai said at the company’s annual I/O developer conference on Tuesday. This feature will allow users to block the company from associating the places they search for or navigate to in the app from being associated with their Google accounts.

This will be an important privacy addition, as the places and things you look up in these two apps can be sensitive. The easier Google makes it to turn off the tracking, the more people will think to take advantage of it when it makes sense. The company already started off by building an Incognito search mode for YouTube last year and now the feature is supposed to be “coming soon” to Maps and search.

“Incognito mode has been a popular feature in Chrome since it launched, and we are bringing this to Maps,” Pichai said.

In addition to Incognito modes, Google is also making it much easier to figure out what data each app will be collecting on you. By tapping your profile icon in Chrome, search, Assistant, YouTube, News, and Maps, you’ll be able to access a setting called “your data” that’ll allow you to control how long Google can hang onto your information. It’s available for web and app data starting today, with location history coming soon.


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