Opera launches it gaming focused web browser Opera GX

The Opera browser is one of the oldest mobile browsers. The chromium-based web browser always comes up with unique features. It is the first browser to offer night mode in a browser.  The company recently released an update for Opera Mobile that has Super Night Mode. And now, the company has launched a web browser that will enhance your PC gaming experience. The company is calling it Opera GX.

Opera GX is only available for macOS users that too for early access. The company is saying that with this browser, users will be able to control the CPU, RAM and network bandwidth consumption on your PC. The new browser comes with a set of limiters to control them. Opera GX comes with Twitch integrated into the sidebar for easy live streaming. The sidebar will be customizable which you will be able to add other websites on it.

Opera GX is available for macOS

According to research done by Opera, around 82% of the PC gamers are on Windows and 14% on macOS. Where 49% of people experience technical problems: 30% suffer from network problems, 26% with RAM problems and 14% experience CPU problems. Opera GX is going to solve all these problem. The browser is available to download from the official website of Opera.


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