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Data is what is currently one of the most important commodities in the lives of everyone who is even slightly exposed to technology and happen to have a smartphone or any kind of gadget. We create and store data throughout our days. Whether it is a text message that we sent or an image that we downloaded from the internet, data is created and stored through every step we take online and sometimes offline. It has been estimated that currently, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day, and it is only going to grow from there. By 2020, it has been estimated to rise up to 17mb of data every second for every person on Earth.

As more and more data is created the chances of it being misused or manipulated increases. Two of the most worrisome issues when it comes to data are the deletion of data or misuse of it by third parties. There must have been at least one occasion in everyone’s life where they ended up deleting important data and find themselves in trouble. Similarly, many of us unknowingly provide others with our data when we sell our old laptops or mobile phones; even if we have our devices formatted, there are chances that it can be recovered through various means. To have this concern taken care of, we need an expert who promises privacy as well as recovery of our deleted data. This is where Stellar comes in.

Stellar is a data specialist company that has been pioneering cutting edge solutions for data recovery, file repair, data migration, and data erasure. Since 1993, the company has been dedicated to data security and recovery with its technical expertise, advanced tools, proprietary techniques, and state of the art infrastructure of class 100 clean room labs.

Established as a global leader in providing data related services, Stellar has been offering data recovery, data migration, and data erasure solutions for the past two decades.

Stellar has developed efficient data erasure tools which ensure secure and permanent data erasure to the point where it can not be recovered. The company’s approach to data erasure is software-based, which means it is eco-friendly and does not create non-biodegradable waste.

Data Erasure

To get rid of data in a fashion that it is not recoverable by anyone thus ensuring the privacy of your sensitive data, Stella offers software called BitRaser. BitRaser is a certified risk mitigation tool that permanently erases data from storage devices like PCs, laptops, servers, SSDs, smartphones, among others. It comes with 27 internationally recognized erasure standards and is able to generate erasure reports and certificates for audit trials. It can be used to erase data on multiple devices simultaneously and supports erasure of SATA, PATA, SSD, SAS, SCSI drives. It also allows the user to manage and monitor the erasure process centrally through a management console.
Stellar BitRaser

BitRaser comes in four variants: BitRaser–a plug and play data erasure software for PCs, laptops, hard drives, and SSDs; BitRaser Enterprise Edition, which can be used in large enterprises and organizations in order to achieve bulk and high-speed data erasure solution; BitRaser for Mobile, which is a secure data erasure and diagnostic software for smartphones and lastly, BitRaser for File, which is a tool that helps in permanently deleting files and folders.

Data Recovery

For users looking for the recovery of data that has been lost, Stellar offers Data Recovery software–an award-winning tool to recover lost or deleted files, folders, documents, photos, music and other important files, after every instance of data loss including accidental deletion and formatting. The software can recover data from hard drives, SSDs, SD cards, USB flash drives, and more.
Stellar Data Recovery

The Data Recovery software is able to retrieve data from PCs, hard drives, smartphones, surveillance devices, as well as servers. Whatever the cause of data loss, Stellar provides a data recovery solution for internal and external media storage regardless of the operating system installed.

Data Migration

Stellar also provides solutions for corrupted data or showing an error while migrating from one platform to another. The company helps businesses as well as individuals in repairing, converting, and migrating files, databases, database objects, and mailboxes with 100 percent data integrity. In terms of data migration, Stellar offers email repair–through which it can repair Outlook mailboxes, all PST files which are severely corrupted or encrypted, email converter–through which the company provides online email conversion as well as offline exchange server database files into Outlook PST files. The software is able to perform single or multiple Mailboxes extraction, according to the need.

Stellar Class 100 Lab

Moreover, Stellar boasts up on one-of-its-kind Class 100 Clean Room Labs, which is designed with the consideration of every minute detail from automated micro-dust screening to static charge shielding. The labs are designed to control temperature, humidity, pressure and dust particles.

Stellar Class 100 Lab

The Class 100 Labs are used to recover data from hard-drives–which are otherwise very sensitive and vulnerable to fine dust particles, in a controlled environment.




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