Zoom launches filters and much wanted noise cancellation feature

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On Wednesday, Zoom announced two new features namely filters and noise cancellation.

zoom filters
Image Source: NDTV.com

Zoom has been a clear winner in this pandemic situation when it came to video calling with friends or official meetings. There production and value have rocketed sky-high. In order to maintain their top position, they must always come up with something new.

So here they are with Instagram and Snapchat like filters. you can use them on the face, background, or completely change yourself on the screen.

Zoom has also introduced a noise cancellation feature, which is more relevant for professional meetings. The new algorithm allows the app to detect and cancel the background noise. “The high suppression feature gives distraction-free audio for important meetings and presentations so one can sound their best,” the company said in a blog post.

There is also a new Reactions button that has been added in the bottom tab to allow users to react with emojis on their screen. Options like Thumbs Up, Clap, LOL, Shocked, and Ta-da are offered as the default reactions.

Google meet and Microsoft teams both of them have this noise cancellation feature which is a must for professional meetings.

Zoom has also expanded its business to India. Last month the company announced a new technology center in Bengaluru. A sudden rise to fame had left a lot of important unexplored bugs which led to many privacy problems for users.

They have been in controversy in this pandemic. They had to change their 6 digits numeric password to alphanumeric. Various governments have also banned zoom or official purposes due to security reasons.

Well, Microsoft announced something big for teams as we saw yesterday so today Zoom is also out with something. This race for being the best is providing users with good features.


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