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6 Tips on Best Cricket Betting From Tipsters

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Cricket has always been and will always be a unanimous favorite for sports bettors. Added to the worldwide popularity of the game and it’s suave appeal- cricket commands mass of bettors with its varied betting options. The betting market here does not just start and end with the basic match win, lose or draw. Rather you will also be able to put bets on top batsman, match winner, session runs, total runs and many other parameters. Are you too planning to try out cricket betting online? That’s amazing and here is a brief on the best tips from tipsters to ensure a rewarding experience with cricket betting.
Performance quotient of players

It’s to note here all players do not play equally in all formats of cricket. For example, Kieran Pollard is excellent in T20 formats but not so great in Test matches. On the other hand, Michael Clarke has always been a match winner in Test & ODI matches yet not so commendable in T20 cricket. So, before you place bets on players, be careful of their average performance quotient in the different match formats.

Home or away match

Most of the teams tend to fare better in “home” matches compared to “away” ones, especially due to higher comfort level in home ground. A classic example is the Indian national cricket team. Thus, before picking your favorite for match win bet, keep in mind the home-away match factor.

Look for a reliable site

Your cricket betting innings starts with finding best betting sites in India. There is no dearth of scam sites around and thus here are the points to keep in mind while signing up with a betting website.

  • Licensed, secured and highly reputed site backed by a huge line-up of bettors
  • More betting options beyond the basic match win, lose or draw
  • Multiple withdrawal & deposit methods
  • Handy free bet options
  • Higher odds
  • Dedicated customer support

It’s better to look for a leading sports betting online guide here like Betting Top 10. The site is one of the premier resources on sports betting and includes a special section on cricket. The best part, the site offers details on the most trusted betting sites, including their bonus, promo code, rating and elaborate reviews. You will also find betting tips and match predictions here.

Understand pitch conditions

The condition of a cricket pitch plays a huge role in determining the result of a match. You have to gather a fair understanding on whether the pitch will be in favor of bowlers or batsmen, possible run-rate to be incurred, its pace of deterioration and so on. Try to follow commentators and news reports to fathom pitch conditions before placing the bet.

Mind the weather

Akin to pitch, weather conditions too have a hug role to play in directing the outcome of a cricket match. So, don’t forget to follow the weather forecasts in advance. But try not to place the bet (if possible) till the day of the match arrives. We have often seen a bright sunny day despite an advanced forecast of a heavy shower.

Follow stats of cricket grounds

Another important tip from tipsters is to follow the stats of cricket grounds beforehand. These stats are extremely useful as they can pass on valuable insights on a large host of stuff- like possible match winner, highest scorer on the ground, highest match winning team on the pitch, specific characteristics of pitch, possible run-rate, and average innings total and so on.

Last but not the least, if it’s your first time, start small. Make the most of free bets to cover up for the initial losses that are usual for beginners.

Update : Betting on professional sports has been there for quite a while, however, it has started to gain the momentum from last few years. With the internet penetration multiplying in the last decade, betting tips and opportunities have started to reach out to the masses, increasing the interest in the sport as well as the revenue by betting.

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