8th member of Pakistan cricket team tests positive for COVID

Earlier it was reported that 7 members of the Pakistan Team have tested positive for the Covid-19 during their tour of New Zealand and now an 8th member of their team has also tested positive confirms the Health Ministry of New Zealand.

Pakistan had brought in 53 members to Ne Zealand out of which 6 were tested positive on the first and the 7th one shortly after. The other remaining staff members, officials and players were tested on the 3rd and 6th days and were quarantined for mandatory 14 days.

During their stay in the Christchurch hotel, the players have been reported to breach the protocols set by the Ministry of Health in New Zealand and therefore they were disallowed to practice on the third day of their isolation period.

It was mandatory for each player to stay in their particular rooms for straight 3 days and then they would be assigned to practice in separate bubbles but after what the CCTV cameras have caught the players have been in the corridors having fun and sharing foods which ultimately lead to getting rid of the training sessions.

The Pakistan team were warned on their potential breach of protocol which would have been serious as the final warning stated the end of the series right away.

The privilege of training to be given back to the Pakistan team is completely in the hands of the medical officer of health in Canterbury province.

Starting from 18th of December, Pakistan will play the black caps in 3 T20s and starting from 26th of December they will be playing 2 Test matches.