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Argentina wins the finals beats Italy by 3-0

Agrentina Official Twitter Handle

Agrentina Official Twitter Handle

Italy faced Argentina in the Cup of Champions finale, which was played at Wembley Stadium.

The ultimate clash between the champions of global football. The game started as the kick-off by Argentina started the game. Italy had a chance to score as early as the 11th minute when G.Raspadori attempted a direct shot to the goal post, but it was saved.

Italy appeared to be in attack mode, as they took numerous chances to score a goal. D.Martinez wasn’t going to let them score as he was defending well.

Then came the run from Argentina, the great pass by Lionel Messi to Lautaro Martinez, turning the opportunity into a goal and scoring the first goal in the finale and putting Italy under pressure.

Since then, the attack from Argentina started as they were constantly dominating the game. Then came the great work by Lautaro as he took the ball from all the defenders of Italy and made a great chance for Angel De Maria as he passed the ball and Maria scored another goal for his team.

Argentina scored two goals in the first half to pull Italy back into the game.

Now it was time for the second half and the last 45 minutes for Italy to score and win the game.

Argentina wasn’t going to stop dominating the game as they were trying their best to score more and more goals. The goalkeeper of Italy, G.Donaarumma, did a great job of saving the attempts by the players of Argentina.

Messie wasn’t looking to stop as he was constantly aiming for a goal in the finale. In the 90th minute, Giovanni Ki Celso was substituted for Paulo Dybala as Messie was in a rush to score a goal but the defenders weren’t letting them in. Dybala got the chance and indeed turned it into the last-minute goal, which can also be called the cherry on the cake as Argentina lifted the trophy.

“It was a beautiful final, full of Argentinians. What we’ve experienced here was beautiful. “We knew it was going to be an attractive game and a nice setting to be champion,” Messi said after the match. “We can compete against anyone.” Today it was a good test because Italy is a great team. “

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