Bangladeshi fans again bring disrespect to cricket

India Bangldesh
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Bangladeshi fans have always been known to be passionate, and always share their opinions about cricket. But this passion sometimes result in shameful acts.

Although the coach of Bangladesh has said that they have no feeling of revenge and are just happy to be in the semi-finals, the fans don’t seem to have similar mindsets. Recently, an image made by a Bangladeshi fan has gone viral in which a tiger is chasing a dog. Tiger is covered in a Bangladeshi flag while the dog is covered in the Indian flag.

This is not the first time we have seen something like this from them. Many time they have crossed their limits, being abusive and posting nonsense. In the Asia Cup T-20 final, Bangladeshi fans released  a photo-shopped image where  Taskin Ahmed was holding Former Indian Skipper MS Dhoni‘s head. These actions bring great disrespect to cricket as well as to the Bangladeshi team too.

India will meet Bangladesh in the 2nd semi-final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 on Thursday, 15th June