BCCI claims ‘in principle’ government approval for IPL in UAE; teams begin preparations to leave

image source: Official page of Indian cricket team

To take the IPL to the UAE, an ‘in principle’ approval by the government has come. This is a signal to the franchises as they can now start to prepare the initiation of covid-19 tests along with quarantine of their squads. The permission in writing is expected to come any time in the next few days.

“We have got the approval in principle to go ahead and the papers will be landing anytime soon”, a source said.

Most of the franchises will be leaving from the country after August 20 as directed by the BCCI. The team of Chennai Super Kings is set to leave on August 22.

Top IPL players
Players in their respective jerseys.
Image source: Official Facebook page of IPL

Team like Mumbai Indians has already started conducting the tests as well as quarantined its Indian players.

Few of the franchises are arranging covid-19 tests for their players in their own respective cities before they board to the departure bases which includes, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru. From there, they will be heading to the UAE.

“While two tests are mandatory, most franchises will have at least four to five tests done before leaving India,” a senior franchise official said.

While the allowed squad list is of having 24 players, there is no mentioned limit for the staffs. Some of the franchises will be taking up to 60 people, which will include the squad, doctors, staffs and their accompanying families.

Total safety during this pandemic will be the priority. All the health and safety measures are already mentioned in the SOP that was released by the BCCI lately.


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